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  • Mid-Autumn Festival Party
    Mid-Autumn Festival Party
    • 2019-09-10

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival for the Chinese people. During this festival, all families gather together for dinner, eating moon cakes and enjoying the moonlight. Every year, the time around Mid-autumn festival is also the peak season for exporting. During the export peak season, our first-line workers go all out to produce high quality gift boxes and paper bags for abroard clients. Most of the packaging boxes and bags are for Christmas and New Year promotion items. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we held an annual Mid-Autumn Festival party.  Take advantage of the unique Xiamen Bo-Bing event, we rewarded all friends who work together! We wish our fellow citizens at home and abroad a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

  • Final Sprint for Christmas Packaging!
    Final Sprint for Christmas Packaging!
    • 2019-08-29

    After successive months of being busy in producing Christmas packaging especially magnetic folding boxes and calendar advents, we are now in the important stage of final sprint! In fact many of our customers are so visionary to have started development of 2020 Christmas series recently. Among various designs, traditional lift off lid gift boxes, foldable flat pack boxes and advent calendar boxes are the most popular choices. Traditional lift off lid gift boxes are still popular for their simpler production and processing and higher recovery rate; while advent calendar boxes are always neccesary for the big holiday. Foldable flat pack boxes become the hot products of our factory this year as such boxes save lots of space thus decrease cost concerning transportation and storage etc. With advanced paper box assembling machine and 14 years experience of production, Chief Color are confident of providing you satisfactory packaging solutions. Please contact us for more details.

  • Two New Experienced Colleagues Joined To Our Business Team!
    Two New Experienced Colleagues Joined To Our Business Team!
    • 2019-06-24

    In order to develop our business and provide high quality service as ever to all our new and existing clients, we have added two new colleagues to our business team. Dear customers and friends, we are delighted to help you solve all kinds of packaging problems, to provide you with professional paper packaging solutions as well as various paper packaging products. We need your attention that our main products include but not limited in following items: Bespoke Rigid Set Up Paper Boxes Folding Rigid Cardboard Boxes Printed and Laminated Paper Bags Custom Kraft Paper Bags Besides your projects, we also welcome you to visit our factory in person. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help!

  • Our Great Success on 2019 Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair
    Our Great Success on 2019 Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair
    • 2019-05-20

    With over 13 years experience in printing and packaging of paper products, we are actively participating in relevant trade shows all around the world. The fact also proved that we have the strength to cut a figure in all exhibitions! Whether you need traditional gift paper bags and gift paper boxes, or a variety of paper products packaging with new designs, we are very happy to provide you with professional services. Look forward to meeting you at the next exhibition!

  • Pack a Lovely Gift for Your Lady!
    Pack a Lovely Gift for Your Lady!
    • 2019-03-08

    Today is Women's Day!  Chiefcolor Ladies will hand out and have a lovely dinner! Pack our love and wishes to the one who read this news! Happy Women's Day! Contact our sales for more packaging solutions!

  • Calvin Klein cancels all print ads next year
    Calvin Klein cancels all print ads next year
    • 2019-03-04

    According to the US Women's Daily, in order to cut cost further, Calvin Klein plans to cancel all print ads in February next year. And future marketing and promotion will be based on digital channels. In the third quarter ended Nov. 4, Calvin Klein’s creative marketing expenses increased by $10 million from the same period of the previous year, sales growth slowed to 2% and recorded $963 million, and profit before interest, taxes and depreciation was large. It fell 15% to $121 million. Regardless, this will not affect the packaging demanding. Any product requires appropriate packaging to be shipped and sold! Paper is a good choice for more environmentally friendly packaging materials. If you need paper packaging products, please contact our sales team, we can provide you various kind of packaging solutions to save your cost. You will definitely be satisfied with the service! Our products are included but not limited to Luxury folding carton boxes Premium Rigid Boxes and Collapsible Boxes High End Glossy or Laminated Paper Carrier Bags

  • The Corrugated Board and Paperboard Industry is Growing
    The Corrugated Board and Paperboard Industry is Growing
    • 2019-02-27

    The corrugated board and paperboard industry is growing, and the folding carton market will reach $12.8 billion in the future.  It is expected that by 2022, the demand for folding cartons will grow at a rate of 3.9% per year, reaching $12.8 billion. In 2018, the Trump administration imposed a 10% tariff on folding cardboard boxes exported from China, and plans to increase it to 25% by January 1, 2019.  However, in December 2018, China and the United States agreed to temporarily suspend tariff increases. A new study found that the corrugated and paperboard sector is showing a growing trend, and if tariffs continue to rise as planned, it will lead to increased domestic production capacity and a faster transition to flexible packaging. Although US folding cartons account for 5% of 2017 demand, there is still a trade deficit in this area. China's low production costs offset shipping costs and is the second largest supplier of folding cartons in the US. Classified by value, Canada has half of the total imported folding cartons due to its geographical proximity and abundant forestry resources, as well as its own processing facilities. Regardless of quantity or value, China is the second largest supplier of folding cartons in the United States because China's low production costs offset shipping costs. Corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes will reach 42.5 billion US dollars, small and fast-growing e-commerce contribution 16%. Demand for all types of corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes is expected to grow at a rate of 2.6% per year by 2022, reaching $42.5 billion (about 287 billion yuan). Half of the demand comes from the large catering market, while the small and fast-growing e-commerce sector contributes 16% of carton sales. We are versatile in the production of folding cartons, printed corrugated boxes, rigid cardboard boxes. Should you have any paper packaging demanding, please contact chiefcolor sales team for more news and information at info@chiefcolor.com

  • Exciting News on Chief Color's Attendance of 2019 Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair
    Exciting News on Chief Color's Attendance of 2019 Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair
    • 2019-02-20

    As a professional paper packaging factory from Xiamen, we are always excited to attend comprehensive packaging events all around the world. Despite PACK EXPO Las Vegas, we are also going to attend 2019 Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair which we would like to attend every year. Please come and visit our Booth No. 6-D28 where you can see our main products including custom printed paper bags and boxes such as paper carrier bag, rigid set up boxes in different shapes, simplex folding boxes, collapsible boxes etc. Look to forward to meeting you! Fair Details Fair Dates: 27-30 April 2019 (Saturday – Tuesday) Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong Fair Schedule  27 April (Sat)                               10:00 am – 5:00 pm  28-29 April (Sun - Mon)                 9:00 am – 5:00 pm  30 April (Tue)                              9:00 am – 3:00 pm 

  • Packaging Industry have Profits from Smart Terminal Enterprises's Green Innovation
    Packaging Industry have Profits from Smart Terminal Enterprises's Green Innovation
    • 2019-02-11

    Smart terminal enterprises are stepping green and light, and the packaging industry is a big winner. Recently, there has been a terrifying news in the field of smart terminal packaging (electronic packaging boxes). Following Apple, Samsung also announced that it will switch to environmentally friendly packaging at all costs. This also means that mobile phones, tablets, home appliances, wearable devices, etc. will change packaging. For the packaging industry, packaging deplasticization is the trend of the times. Despite the fact that many domestic brands have restricted environmental protection due to poverty in the past few years, packaging such as foam plastics has swept the whole industry. However, the mainstay of brands such as Apple and Samsung, coupled with the trend of environmental protection, will surely Packaging in the field of smart terminals has a global impact. Smartphone Packaging Boxes Samsung completely abandoned plastic packaging materials On January 28th, Samsung announced that it would replace paper packaging for its products with paper and other more environmentally friendly materials such as recyclable/bioplastics. Lightweight smartphone packaging Ten years ago, when smartphones were just emerging, the high prices gave big manufacturers enough power to use luxury packaging, and consumers also regarded luxury packaging as a symbol of ultra-high-end mobile phone “identity”. Today, we can no longer see the huge, luxurious, creative packaging of the old flagship phones of ten years ago (Smartphone Gift Packaging Set). On the contrary, this compact and even “slightly shabby” packaging style represented by the iPhone dominates the entire consumer electronics market. Environmental leap forward pressing smart terminal industry Two years ago (2017) in March, a group of environmentalists gathered inside and outside the MWC (World Mobile Communications Conference), they slogan "reuse, recycle, please reflect", appealing to consumer electronics manufacturers Official recycling of old machines should be considered to avoid significant waste of resources and potential environmental pollution. Objectively speaking, some heavy metals and toxic substances contained in electronic products (in themselves) are basically necessary for the production process or function, and it is impossible to remove them. It is precisely because of this that manufacturers have focused more on “environmentalization” efforts on materials and design innovations in product packaging in recent years, and this is the real reason why the “luxury packaging” disappeared in the past. In recent years, the smart phone industry has set off a wave of environmentally friendly packaging. In the past, the big luxury box has been replaced by a compact small package. Large-scale solid printing and black cardboard are replaced with recycled white paper, which is difficult to degrade and replaces the plastic material with serious pollution during processing. If you pay attention to ...

  • Come Visit Chief Color's Booth No. 7195 at 2019 PACK EXPO Las Vegas
    Come Visit Chief Color's Booth No. 7195 at 2019 PACK EXPO Las Vegas
    • 2019-01-31

    Come visit Chief Color at Booth 7195 at PACK EXPO UPPER! We are a professional paper packaging manufacturer with years of experience in providing luxury packaging solutions for various brands around the world. Feel free to e-mail us anytime to set-up a meeting at info@chiefcolor.com. We look forward to meeting you! Bringing packaging suppliers together with end users from every vertical industry, PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2019 will be the largest, most comprehensive packaging event of the year. September 23 – 25, 2019 Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, NV USA Show Schedule Monday, September 23             9:00 am – 4:00 pm Tuesday, September 24             9:00 am – 4:00 pm Wednesday, September 25        9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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