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A wide range of products have been created by our skillful manual groups.  Paper carrier bags, Custom Beauty boxes, Chocolate boxes, Valentine candy boxes, Candle boxes, Calendar boxes,  Contact us now for more paper packaging solutions.

  • Luxury Paper Bags
    Luxury Paper Bags

    Custom printed paper bags for all commercial usages, to be designed and printed to your exact specifications.

  • Rigid Set Up Boxes
    Rigid Set Up Boxes

    Rigid set up boxes with flexible packaging material like base and lid boxes, hinged lid boxes, slide boxes etc. Creative design can be used in all kind of commercial products. Cosmetic packaging, Health and Beauty Boxes, Wine and Bottle Packaging etc.

  • Foldable Rigid Boxes
    Foldable Rigid Boxes

    One key point for these boxes is that all fold flat packed so as to save shipping and storage cost. We have peal and seal standard construction, fold sideway for special size, and extra panel for luxury alternative. Give us a size, and we will offer you the best foldable solutions!

  • Folding Cartons
    Folding Cartons

    Packaging solutions in cheap materials. Wide choices for you: FBB folding cartons, printed corrugated boxes, SBS boxes

About Us
Xiamen Chief Color Co., Ltd

XIAMEN CHIEF COLOR CO., LTD was founded in 2005, specialized in manufacturing of customized paper bags and paper boxes. We were FSC certified, Sedex and SA8000 audited. Our factory is newly renovated and covers 7500 square meters which is dividing into printing workshop, paper bag & box workshops. With our over 100 proficient workers and dozens advanced facilities, we now can reach the monthly capacity of 500-700k rigid set up boxes and also 1200k-1500k paper carrier bags.  We are fully equipped with Heidelberg Hi-speed printing machine 5-color/2-color, full-automatic lamination machine, hot foil stamping and die-cut machine, box assembling lines etc. These equipment ensure both the quality and on-time delivery. We have two manual groups. One is for paper bags and simplex folding cartons. The other is rigid boxes. We are proudly to tell you that we can make both paper bags and paper boxes. Our products include but not limit to customized paper carrier bags, luxury set-up boxes and rigid folding boxes, customized corrugated boxes and folding cartons. In 2018, we introduced several advanced paper box assemble machine especially for base and lid box, booklet box, collapsible box, slide box. With more than 12 years experience, we can also make paper boxes in heart, triangle, tube, hexagonal, octagonal, pyramid, and star shapes.  The past 14 years have witness great cooperation between us and customer from USA, UK, Netherland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Newzealand, Singpore, Japan etc. Our products are enjoying great popularity among our customers for the high quality and competitive price, and also our quick service.  It is our mission to provide our clients with the best quality printing products with high efficiency at low costs. We are well convinced that you will be in the list of our satisfied customers. Hope to work with you very soon. Our meeting room and packaging products display room:

Hot Products

For custom boxes you will always be in the luxury segment of the B2B market. Cosmetics Industry, High end Liquor, Games Industry, Belgian Chocolates, or Promotional Packaging. The purpose of luxury packaging is to increase the perceived value and grow turn-over and profit. We can share with our packaging solutions to hit the target!

Why Choose Us

Over 14 years' experience in producing custom printed paper bags and paper boxes for global markets. We are a professional Chinese rigid paper boxes manufacturer, paper bags manufacturer located in Xiamen.

  • Printing & Finishing
    Printing & Finishing

    We are well equipped with Heidelberg Hi-speed Printing Machine 5-color/2-color, Fully automatic lamination, hotstamping and die-cut machine. These equipments ensure both the quality and on-time delivery.

  • Advanced Equipments
    Advanced Equipments

    The comprehesive equipements enable us to be creative and productive in both rigid boxes and folding boxes, as well as paper bags. With more than 12 years experience in producing packaging products for global markets, we strongly believe that we can be your reliable partner in paper packaging.

  • Rigid box production line
    Rigid box production line

    This is where artistic paper boxes always happen. 35 skilled workers make everything possible here for all kinds of rigid boxes. We can make paper boxes in shapes of heart, triangle, tube, hexagonal, octagnal, pyramid, and star. 

  • Paper bags and folding cartons
    Paper bags and folding cartons

    Time has witness great cooperations between us and some globally famous brands. Would you be the next one? We are well convinced that you will be in the list of our satisfied customers.

Latest news
  • Packaging Waste Recycling is More Intelligent
    Packaging Waste Recycling is More Intelligent

    The rise and rapid development of online shopping have enabled many consumers to select and purchase the products they need and love without leaving home. It is a treat for online shoppers to unpack the goods with scissors in hand. For the debris of unpacked e-commerce shipping boxes, most people usually throw it away. Is everything over when the outer packaging of the product is discarded at the garbage station? Express shipping packaging, mainly are corrugated boxes and black plastic bags. Almost all carton packages are recyclable. According to the principle of garbage classification, cartons are recyclable items. The repeated recycling of carton boxes is not only beneficial to resource conservation, but also to environmental protection. Therefore, accelerating orderly recycling of packaging materials has become a major problem the the public encountered. Intelligent technology, equipment and systems can play an important role in the recycling of express packaging. In the past two years, the application of big data, computing, Internet of Things, drones, robots and other technologies and equipment in the logistics and express industry is obvious to everyone. Whether it is express delivery to the countryside or "last mile" delivery, the role of various "black technologies" is increasingly prominent. Using intelligent sensing, detection, sorting and other technologies and equipment to properly and rationally classify express packaging is also an inevitable choice to optimize the entire express industry chain and reduce express packaging processing costs. During July 18th's anual promotion festival in 2019, JD.com launched an intelligent packaging system, which attracted widespread attention. The intelligent packaging system is independently created by JD Logistics. It integrates software and hardware and covers almost all categories. This system includes the intelligent consumable recommendation system-Jingwei, bubble film packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, magnetic suspension packaging machine, folding 18 kinds of intelligent equipments, such as film packing machine, can make overall planning and reasonable use of various packaging materials such as bubble film, folding film, carton and so on. The recycling of packaging material are getting more and more intelligent. So as the production of the paper packaging. We are happy to share our technology and experience in paper packaging solutions which include but not limited to simple folding cartons, rigid set up boxes, foldable gift boxes and paper carrier bags for all kind of usage.

    2020-06-16/Read More
  • How do I get packaging for my product?
    How do I get packaging for my product?

    Follow the three steps and make things easy: A. Choose one of your preferable box construction from our displayed items. B. Measure the size of your product, confirm the quantity that you will need. Our MOQ is 1000 of each. C. Send us the information you have of the above, and we will offer you solutions accordingly including material, price, packing detail and shipping advice. We are always trying to help client to find decent paper packaging within their budget. Leave us message on the page or email us info@chiefcolor.com for more question.

    2020-05-28/Read More
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