Foldable Flowers Bouquet Gift Box with Ribbon Tie and Cardholder

Flower bouquet are fresh and in large volume. To pack them, the boxes should be somehow big! For consumer, it is brilliant to holding a rigid set up box and then unpack it for a bouquet gifts. Consider the cost, that is way much for consumer!

Payment: T/T Or L/C

Product Origin: China

Shipping Port: Xiamen

Lead Time: 7 days

Order(MOQ): 500


It is too expensive to use a rigid set up box (base and lid style) to pack and deliver the bouquet. That is because the cost during transporting and storing the box itself cost too much. Though we can’t stop eating due to choking. We have to find a solution!

How to achieve both? To have rigid bottom and lid gift boxes but in affordable cost?

Here foldable flower bouquet gift box comes to tackle the problem.
Rigid Lid in 3cm height only, Foldable Base with peal and seal closure.
Assemble size 55x21x11cm.

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