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Paper U Disk Will Bring New Energy To Paper Printing Industry.

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Paper U Disk Will Bring New Energy To Paper Printing Industry.

  • 2020-04-29

Entering the information age, the emergence of e-mail and social networks has gradually made the way of correspondence disappear. But this does not mean that paper becomes useless in the information age. A design recently developed by intelli Paper that converts notes into a full-featured U disk has brought a new trend to the printing industry and greatly reduced the generation of electronic waste.



What is a paper USB flash drive? In fact, it is to embed a silicon chip in the middle of many layers of paper and laminate it into a whole, and then print a USB interface on it to connect its chips, so that a USB card is completed. Paper U disk can be made into various types, such as printed business cards, promotional materials, paper gift cards etc. It has the storage function of plastic U disk and can be mailed like paper.



It is conceivable that when you send your business card and PPT to your customers together, when you put your child’s happy birthday card and electronic photos on a piece of paper, these miniature U disks can be read and written anytime and anywhere. when you no longer need it, just tear the chip off the paper.


Paper U disk

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