It Is Time For The Printing Industry To “Full Blood Resurrection”

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Beijing ’s development has always been a weather vane. On May 7, the 60th meeting of the Beijing New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control Leading Group held in Beijing. The meeting pointed out that “to comprehensively promote the resumption of work and production, business and city resumption of school, restore the order of production and life.”


Afterwards, the State Council’s “Guofamingdian (2020) No. 14” let us know the key contents: “According to relevant technical guidelines, under the premise of implementing prevention and control measures, fully open shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and other living places; take appointments, limit current and other methods to open parks, tourist attractions, sports venues, libraries, museums, fine arts Indoor venues such as museums, as well as closed entertainment venues such as theaters and entertainment halls, can hold all kinds of necessary conferences and exhibitions. “


The term “comprehensive” is very different from the previous expressions of “accelerating” and “further”. It is equivalent to getting through the meridians. This means that the entire society and the entire industrial chain are operating normally, the upstream, middle and downstream of the printing and packaging industry are linked, and the demand release is close at hand. This means that the exhibitions in the printing and packaging industry from now on, even in the first-tier cities, no longer have to guess whether to postpone.


After waiting for so long, it is time for the printing industry to “resurrect with full blood”. The demand for rigid setup boxes, foldable gift boxes, luxury paper carrier bags are growing quickly after the policy.


The loosening of policies makes people have more expectations for the growth of China’s GDP in the second quarter, as well as the second quarter performance of the printing and packaging industry.


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