CHINA PRINT 2021 Holding Time Adjusted To June 23-27, 2021

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Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the convention and exhibition industry has been hit unprecedentedly. After several discussions and careful consideration by the organizing committee, the time of the 10th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (CHINA PRINT 2021) will be adjusted to June 23-27, 2021.


China Print 2021


Since the start of the 10th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (CHINA PRINT 2021), it has received extensive attention and support from the printing industry. As of July 17, 683 companies have registered online,most are custom gift box supplier and bespoke paper bags supplier, with an area of nearly 130,000 square meters. We can see that the world is very confident in China, and the entire industry believes that the Chinese market, which already has strong purchasing power, will have more and stronger demand after the epidemic. As a barometer and weather vane of the printing and packaging industry, CHINA PRINT 2021 is bound to provide the largest international business platform, technology and trade platform, and information exchange platform for the Chinese printing market, and will bring a milestone in the development of the printing and custom paper packaging industry.


We believe that in CHINA PRINT 2021, we will see more national brands with world-class technology compete with international brand manufacturers. At that time, we look forward to a good harvest and a win-win situation for everyone on the big stage next year.


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