A Great Selection Mangetic Gift Box For Sale

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Believe it or not, we can create flat pack gift box in any size?

As long as client have sufficent budget. Just kidding!!

We have been commited to making a great fold flat packed magnetic gift box with the lowest cost.

Therefore, we launched the inventory series. These series are very convenient for small business companies.

Small MOQ and boxes will be ready for shipping in 7 days.

We hope to save you time and cost so as to let you focus on products selling.

We are happy to offer one free sample to your packing testing before you place the order.


There is no doubt that custom design and printed paper packaging is our main business scope.

You are always welcome to drop us a line or send us your comments on the products we display on our website.


You can also write all your demands and asking us for a free no obligation packaging solution and quotation.

What are your requirements for the color of the gift box?

What are your requirements for materials?

What processing do you want? Hotfoil stamping, spot UV, embossing etc.

Any of your requirements can be pointed out at the beginning of the our communication!

Customer service is a very important part of our work, so we spare no effort to meet your requirement of luxury gift boxes.




Chiefcolor Sales Team


Magnetic gift boxes wholesale

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