Bespoke Sliding Drawer Box For Chocolate Bar

Each customer has his own packaging preferences. Some customers like to use custom sliding drawer box to pack chocolates

Payment: T/T Or L/C

Product Origin: China

Shipping Port: Xiamen

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks



Printed Sliding Box Packaging For Chocolate Bar
Dimension inside: 18×8+2cm
Material: 300gsm white card paper
Outside: clear PET window 12x5cm
Sleeve outer 1 color 402U + matt lamination
Bottom white + matt lamination
Inside: a dish with 1 color 402U print + matt lamination
Logo is on the left of the window

There are thousands of packaging box shapes. The needs of each customer are also different. However, there are several box types that most customers will choose. Such as rigid box with base and lid, custom foldable boxes and custom sliding drawer boxes etc. Compared with other box types, the sliding drawer box has a more mysterious sense. With a colored ribbon pull out, you can see the mystery hidden in the box. The chocolate sliding drawer box introduced today uses a PET transparent window to let customers know the mystery inside the box in advance. The simple and generous printing makes the chocolate bar more prominent. So that customer’s eyes are focusing on chocolate. They can’t help but want to buy it. Different box types carry different design concepts. Contact us and let us help you realize your ideas.

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