Printed Sliding Drawer Box With Glossy Lamination

The custom sliding drawer box has always been a popular used box. It is very convenient to pull out and push in.

Payment: T/T Or L/C

Product Origin: China

Shipping Port: Xiamen

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks

Order(MOQ): 1000


Printed Sliding Drawer Boxes With Satin Ribbon
Material: 1200gsm greyboard +157gsm artpaper
Outer size 22x16x6cm
Sleeve: outside P196C print + glossy lamination
Drawer: outside white +glossy lamination
Fitment: “150 pink”satin ribbon, 1.5cm width x 2cm visible
length(folded). sticker inside to cover the ribbon.

Inlay card 20.9×14.7cm
Material: 350gsm white card paper
Print: one side CMYK print+ matt lamination

The sliding drawer box is also a common box type. It is more convenient to open than rigid box with base and lid. Today’s pink sliding drawer box is used to hold underwear. The pink printing on the sleeve is bright. Adding the glossy lamination makes the box look smoother. The inside of the box is white without printing, which looks cleaner and is also convenient for putting underwear. There is a bottom card at the bottom of the box. The pink ribbon makes it easy to open the box. Does this the right sliding drawer box in your mind? Contact us, more box types are available for you to choose.

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