Packaging Industry Have Profits From Smart Terminal Enterprises’s Green Innovation

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Smart terminal enterprises are stepping green and light, and the packaging industry is a big winner.


Recently, there has been a terrifying news in the field of smart terminal packaging (electronic packaging boxes). Following Apple, Samsung also announced that it will switch to environmentally friendly packaging at all costs. This also means that mobile phones, tablets, home appliances, wearable devices, etc. will change packaging.


For the packaging industry, packaging deplasticization is the trend of the times. Despite the fact that many domestic brands have restricted environmental protection due to poverty in the past few years, packaging such as foam plastics has swept the whole industry. However, the mainstay of brands such as Apple and Samsung, coupled with the trend of environmental protection, will surely Packaging in the field of smart terminals has a global impact. Smartphone Packaging Boxes


Samsung completely abandoned plastic packaging materials

On January 28th, Samsung announced that it would replace paper packaging for its products with paper and other more environmentally friendly materials such as recyclable/bioplastics.


Lightweight smartphone packaging

Ten years ago, when smartphones were just emerging, the high prices gave big manufacturers enough power to use luxury packaging, and consumers also regarded luxury packaging as a symbol of ultra-high-end mobile phone “identity”. Today, we can no longer see the huge, luxurious, creative packaging of the old flagship phones of ten years ago (Smartphone Gift Packaging Set). On the contrary, this compact and even “slightly shabby” packaging style represented by the iPhone dominates the entire consumer electronics market.


Environmental leap forward pressing smart terminal industry

Two years ago (2017) in March, a group of environmentalists gathered inside and outside the MWC (World Mobile Communications Conference), they slogan “reuse, recycle, please reflect”, appealing to consumer electronics manufacturers Official recycling of old machines should be considered to avoid significant waste of resources and potential environmental pollution.


Objectively speaking, some heavy metals and toxic substances contained in electronic products (in themselves) are basically necessary for the production process or function, and it is impossible to remove them. It is precisely because of this that manufacturers have focused more on “environmentalization” efforts on materials and design innovations in product packaging in recent years, and this is the real reason why the “luxury packaging” disappeared in the past.


In recent years, the smart phone industry has set off a wave of environmentally friendly packaging. In the past, the big luxury box has been replaced by a compact small package. Large-scale solid printing and black cardboard are replaced with recycled white paper, which is difficult to degrade and replaces the plastic material with serious pollution during processing. If you pay attention to the style of mobile phone packaging in recent years, you will find more sacrifices for environmental protection.


In recent years, there have been some new changes in the packaging of mobile phones. The outer casing and inner lining of the packaging box have all been changed from plastic forming to paper-plastic packaging, paper electronic gift boxes. This change has also brought a strong impact on the packaging supply chain of smart phones.


Although environmental protection is good, it can not be cheap.

Perhaps everyone will have the illusion that the cost of some environmentally friendly packaging represented by “recycled materials” must be lower than that of first-hand new materials. The cost of recycled materials produced by inferior and small factories is indeed very low, but for those consumer electronics companies that are truly environmentally friendly. It is said that the “recycled materials” they use may not really cost less than the first-hand materials.


What does this mean for consumers? Quite simply, after adopting various environmentally friendly materials and technologies, the cost of today’s consumer electronics (Packaging box for Smartphone) has risen sharply. And this part of the cost, of course, will be passed on to the consumers – just, in the general sense, “wool is on the sheep”, it is worth enough for the cost of environmental protection.


From this point of view, the environmental protection action in the field of smart terminals, the opportunity for the packaging industry is greater than the impact, the importance of packaging has been further enhanced, which is undoubtedly a good thing.


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