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Opportunity Always Comes after Risk

Opportunity Always Comes after Risk

  • 2018-09-06
In the past ten years, due to oversupply in the printing industry, the price of printed products are continuously slide down for ten years, so was the printing cost. However, with the implement of the National Blue Sky Defense Plan, a large number of disordered and polluted printing workshops was forced to shut down. After a large amount of printing capacity has been cleared and resorted, the printing and packaging market is expected to have a recovery.

"Printing exhaust gas contains a large amount of VOCs gas, which is highly volatile, easy to diffuse, and has a strong irritating odor. Dangerous waste such as ink cartridges and car wash water after printing, and solid waste may cause pollution if not handled properly."

Since last year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has launched a blue sky defense war, and has repeatedly strengthened the control of air pollution. Through strong measures such as environmental protection equipment remediation and elimination of shutdown, it has achieved very good governance results. Recently, the environmental protection and rectification of the printing industry has once again become more and more strict.  A large number of printing enterprises has been shut down.

With the cost of various chemical raw materials, printing materials and labor costs have risen sharply, the price increase of printed materials has shown an irresistible trend.

However, opportunity always comes after risk. Joining the Blue Sky Defense War, we fully equipped to adhere to the environmental protection regulations. We believed that we are more and more competitive. We can be your reliable Chinese supplier of paper packaging including paper carrier bags, paper gift boxes and cardboard folding boxes.


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