Sustainable packaging: pulp molding products stand out in packaging design

Molded Pulp Packaging Tray

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In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, pulp molding products, as an emerging green environmental protection product, are used in medical, agricultural, electronic products and catering food, but also in designing circle fraught with the drastic increasing of paper raw material and widespread application of 3D printing technique.

Speaking of molded pulp products in the food industry, we have to talk about these advantages.

  1. Raw materials for pulp molding products come from a wide range of sources, mainly annual herbaceous plants (sugar cane, straw, reed, etc.) and waste paper;

  2. The tableware made by the pulp molding production process is light in weight, compact and reusable, and low in the recycling cost;

  3. From production, using to waste disposal, there is no pollution to the environment, less water consumption in the production process, no waste water discharge, and less environmental pollution.

  4. In the production process, food-grade special additives are added to make it have special properties such as waterproof, oil-proof, and high-temperature resistance.

Wine Packaging Molding Pulp Tray

Thanks to the characteristics of repeated use and recycling, it has strong vitality and broad application prospects in the field of catering and food, and is an ideal choice to replace traditional plastic lunch boxes.

The best part of molded pulp is the natural fiber, which returns to nature without polluting the environment at all, and becomes an organic part of nature. Biodegradable and compostable. Truly come from nature and return to nature. Moreover, pulp molding products have high strength, good plasticity and good cushioning performance. They are widely used in the design industry and are well praised for its beauty, safety and it is feature of environmentally friendly.

Nowadays, many industries are beginning to pursue sustainable green packaging. However, it seems that designing sustainable packaging is not only to use environmentally friendly and recycled materials, but also to have aesthetics that can arouse public interest and thinking. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to explore pulp Molded design possibilities.

Eco-friendly Corrugated Skincare Pulp Tray

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