Custom Folding Flat Pack Rigid Gift Boxes With Extra Flaps

Normal foldable boxes are with double-sided tape on the four corners. In this case, there is no way to flatten and restore the box after it is formed. For some customers, they will choose printed folding flat pack gift boxes with flaps, which can be flatted again after it is formed.

Payment: T/T Or L/C

Product Origin: China

Shipping Port: Xiamen

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks

Order(MOQ): 1000


Bespoke Folding Flat Pack Box Packaging
Material: 1.5mm greyboard + 120gsm white kraft
Inner size: L31.5xW23.5xH3.5cm
Outer: black print+ matt varnish
Inner: black print + matt lamination
1. Flap with 2 pairs magnets
2. Clear PET film and 1cm rigid frame glued to the inner flap, open side to insert pictures on right side of the lid
3. Extra pieces for box setting-up with satin ribbon pull 1cm
Each box pack in a polybag

Normal rigid foldable boxes are generally for one-time use, so it will not be considered whether the boxes need to be flattened after use. However, if it is not flat, it will take up a lot of space. The box introduced today is customized fold flap pack gift boxes, and it can be used repeatedly. There are two more pieces, and they get stuck when forming, so the box can look firmer. When the box is used up, gently pull the ribbon when you want to put it away. The box can be stored flat. There is an extra piece of PET film inside the flap, which can be used to put photos.

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