Luxury Eyelash Box Packaging Custom Creative Lashes Boxes

Customers use cosmetics to beautify themselves we use custom printed packaging boxes to beautify them!

Payment: T/T or L/C

Product Origin: Xiamen China

Color: Customized

Shipping Port: Xiamen China

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks

Order(MOQ): 1000


This is a rigid custom printed eyelash packaging box.

Many fashionable ladies like to use mink eyelashes to beautify their eyes. From the perspective of Google trends, false eyelashes have always maintained a certain degree of popularity in the market. The price and frequency of use of false eyelashes make it a product that has been repeatedly purchased. The production of the same hot style also drives the demand for eyelash packaging box.

How do you package eyelashes?

You need an environmentally friendly and durable false eyelash packaging box. After removing makeup, put the false eyelashes back to the collection box by the left and right eyes (the head of the eye is short and the tail is long). There is glue on the used false eyelashes, which can be used to stick back into the collection box, and the glue can be removed next time.

We focus on the development and production of custom cosmteic paper packaging. Always ready to provide you with a packaging solution for false eyelashes. For more other packaging boxes, please review our website or blog.

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