Hinged Lid Box With Raffia Paper Filler

A successful custom perfume box can stimulate customers’ desire to buy perfume.

Payment: T/T Or L/C

Product Origin: China

Color: Customized

Shipping Port: Xiamen

Lead Time: 3~4 Weeks

Order(MOQ): 3000


Material: 1300gsm black lined rigid board + wrapped with Fancy Paper

Size: L15xW11.5xH4.7CM

Fitment: Raffia paper filler

How do you package perfume?

Perfumes are usually packaged in glass bottles and then placed in gift box packaging. Ordinary perfumes are packaged in white cardboard boxes, which are affordable. High-end perfumes will choose printed rigid box with hinged lid or lift off lid boxes etc. On the box, hotfoil, UV, embossing etc finishing will be added to present luxury texture. The choosing of perfume box is crucial. A good perfume box can add points to the entire perfume. The mediocre perfume box will weaken the customer’s desire of buying.

Customized Perfume Box

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