Factory Director Guan was Invited to Record a Program of Tong’an People’s Radio

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On January 20th, Mr. GUAN, the factory manager of Xiamen Chief Color Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the recording of a program “Spend Chinese New Year Where You Work” of Tong’an People’s Broadcast Radio. As a leader of a print and packaging company which contributed a lot to local Tong’an District, GUAN shared how Chief Color coped with the challenges it faced during the epidemic, and how the company has been able to overcome them. GUAN said that in order to reduce the risk of the virus spreading during the Chinese New Year, it is best to spend the holiday in place. And he also encourage everyone in Chief Color because this is not for oneself, but also for the society and the country. Victory against the epidemic requires the cooperation and efforts of everyone to put health and safety first, so it is worth spending New Year’s holiday here in Xiamen, and have Wechat family vedio during the holiday.

In Additional, Guan shared with the audience his hard journey in the printing and packaging industry and his insistence on learning and struggling despite the difficulties. At the same time GUAN explain the importance of learning from many aspects and angles which he thinks is the importance of managing well a big company like Chief Color who continues producing high quality paper boxes and paper bags for the world.

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