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Rigid paper slide boxes


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Dark Blue Slide Open Chocolate Folding Boxes

This slide open box is composed with a wide border drawer and a sleeve with clear PET window. It is a folding carton, also could be changed to a rigid box if required.

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Product Detail

Folding Cartons for Chocolate Packaging

The main material of chocolate boxes in the pictures is ivory board and silver card as well as a piece of clear PET. The ivory board is easily to shape, no matter you prefer a thin wall folding box or a folding box with wide border. The drawer of our samples are with a 5mm width border, that makes this boxes look more solid and beautiful. Insert a thin food grade silver folded tray, so that the box can pack chocolate directly. As this is a slide opening box, we can open it by pull the drawer from both sides. The design of the clear window also makes this box looks simple but excellent.

Drawer Slide Boxes

The advantage of a folding chocolate carton is saving delivery costs and the storage pressure by flat packing. The only trouble is we have to assemble it firstly when we want to use the folding boxes. As this box is not very large, it will not occupy much space, so we have been required to assemble the whole cargo before shipping. Of course if you think a ivory board folding box is not luxurious enough, you can use greyboard and artpaper to instead of. A rigid slide open chocolate box is also very popular in the market.

Other options

As I mentioned just now, we can make this foldable chocolate packaging carton to be rigid by changing the material. Also, we can change the box style to be base and lid style, a lift off lid chocolate box is also common in nowadays packaging area.

Xiamen Chief Color Packaging provide all kinds of custom paper packaging, we will try our best to meet all your requirements on your individual brand packaging!

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    Email us with any questions or inquiries or use our contact data. We would be happy to answer your questions.