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  • Our Adhesive Tape Applicator for Foldable Rigid Box
    • April 03, 2019

    SHARPEN YOUR KNIFE BEFORE YOU CUT THE FIREWOOD! There is an old saying in China that says: sharpening the knife does not mistake the woodworker. To be more professional, more finer and more competitive in producing the premium foldable rigid box, a series of efficient machines and equipment can do more with less. Plus skilled manuals, we believe that our production line will make you stunned!...

  • How to Place Magnets for Each Magnetic Closure Box
    • February 20, 2019

    A regular magnetic gift box usually has components jacket and tray. And there are some key elements: magnet and iron. How to place magnets for each custom printed Magnetic Closure Box? One foldable magnetic closure box may have 2 or 3 of magnets and iron plates. That counts 4 or 6 holes, even more. We have produced a large kraft magnetic foldable box (large magnetic collapsible box) with 14 holes ...

  • Packaging Industry Benefits From Smart Terminal Enterprises's Green Innovation
    • February 11, 2019

    Smart terminal enterprises are stepping green and light, and the packaging industry is a big winner. Recently, there has been a terrifying news in the field of smart terminal packaging (electronic packaging boxes). Following Apple, Samsung also announced that it will switch to environmentally friendly packaging at all costs. This also means that mobile phones, tablets, home appliances, wearable de...

  • Are you looking for Easter Packaging Solutions
    • February 18, 2019

    Today's Easter eggs have rarely been dyed with raw eggs, and more are the chocolate eggs that everyone sees in the supermarket. Some families will also buy some chocolate eggs specially, hide them in various places in the house, let the children search for eggs in the way of treasure hunt, find it is yours!  How fun it is! Now we also see in Easter, there are many people on the street wearing...

  • For a food gift box, what matters the most?
    • February 01, 2019

    For a food gift box, what matters the most? Being in paper packaging business for more than 12 years, we have been serving many famous chocolate brands. We produce chocolate gift boxes, cake boxes, ballotins, bakery trays, chocolate bags with various designs. Lindt is one of the famous brands that we are serving. Some chocolate packaging required foodgrade while some might not. For a foodgrade pac...

  • Fully automatic production line for rigid flat pack box
    • January 17, 2019

    Fully automatic production line for collapsible rigid box Are you sourcing custom collapsible rigid gift boxes for a while? Are you looking for a more competitive manufacturer of luxury fold flat rigid box? We believed that we can be useful and helpful in your custom packaging projects.

  • Paper Bags Made in Different Paper Materials
    • January 03, 2019

    shopping bags vary a lot by materials. The materials of paper bags generally used are coated paper (C1S and C2S), kraft paper (white kraft paper or natural brown kraft paper), fancy paper, corrugated paper or washable paper as well. 1- C1S paper bags are luxury paper shopping bags. They can not only carry heavy products but also stand out by its elegance. Many designers often use such carieer bags...

  • What are the different types of paper boxes?
    • December 26, 2018

    The paper boxes are classified into three types. Folding cartons, rigid box and corrugated box, depending on the material used. We are offering custom paper packaging. 1) The main material of folding cartons are 250-400gsm artpaper, white card paper, kraft paper, CCNB etc. Most of these cartons are going through printing, finishing, die-cut, with or without glue before packing. It is widely used i...

  • Common Material for Making Rigid Cardboard Boxes
    • December 14, 2018

    A common rigid box are usually made by two main parts: hard cardboard and printed paper. The box shape depends on how the hard cardboard be assembled and jointed, and the printing and finishing design always be shown by the printed paper. The most common printed paper for a rigid box is coated paper, sometimes we call it artpaper as well. We can print the product details/ emboss the brand logo/ sp...

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