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  • The Most Dazzling Flower Tea Packaging Did Not Cost Much, And The Appearance Received A Lot Of Praise
    • July 10, 2020

    The popular flower tea not only attracts attention because of its efficacy and product characteristics, but also attracts a lot of praise for its exquisite box packaging. Packaging design is not only an embodiment of art, but also an interpretation of the attributes of products. The packaging design of scented tea is different from the traditional packaging design. The packaging design of scented ...

  • How to Pack Jewelry With High End Packaging
    • July 09, 2020

    When it comes to jewelry, most people probably care about the design and quality of jewelry. In fact, the packaging box of jewelry is also expectant. Consumers definitely want to match a delicate jewelry box. Here is a brief introduction to a few elements of choosing a jewelry box. 1. Functionality Compared with single-function rigid jewelry boxes, more suppliers are turning to packaging boxes sui...

  • Custom Your Paper Packaging Box For Apparel
    • July 03, 2020

    A regular apparel packaging box type is the cardboard rigid box, generally made of cardboard material, and wrapper and lined paper are printed. The design style of clothing packaging box will be changed according to the different consumer groups. The following is a packaging box for baby's clothing. One box with colorful printed, another one looks more simple. Both are full of childlike, also can ...

  • Little Rice Dumplings Are Inconspicuous, Amazing Packaging To Add Points
    • June 23, 2020

    The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month of the year. "Dragon Boat Festival" is one of China's national legal holidays and has been included in the World Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The Dragon Boat Festival originated in China. It was originally a festival for the Chinese people to cure diseases and prevent epidemics. there was a custom of holding tribal totem sacr...

  • Creative Shoes Paper Packaging
    • June 18, 2020

    The basic function of paper bags or paper boxes is pack and protect products, one creative and high quality paper packaging also can protect the brands. For products that want to stand out from many competing brands, packaging is very important. Here share some interesting paper packaging for shoes. You can exactly know what packed inside with a quick glance. One is paper bags with handles, the ha...

  • Takeaway Packaging - An Brand Image To Be Reckoned With
    • June 10, 2020

    Take-Out Service has an unshakable position in this fast-paced era. How to attract customers to order takeaway has become one of main goal for catering industry. Eco-friendly food packaging is particularly important for food business. Paper carton packaging not only conforms to environmental concepts, also easy to attract customers through printing packaging designs. The paper can be food-grade, a...

  • LV Has Perfume Again! Box Packaging Design Eye-catching Power MAX
    • June 09, 2020

    High-end representative"perfume", with its meticulous and exquisite design and novel scent, has always been able to bring everyone spiritual and aesthetic pleasure. In addition to the well-known luxury perfume brands, the LV brand that entered the perfume industry has joined the new members of the series. High end gift box match the perfume very well. Les Colognes Louis Vuitton series perfume box ...

  • Packaging Trends for Electronic Products
    • June 05, 2020

    We live in the world of electronics. Electronic devices are the most important part of our life. From our reading device, mobile phone, to household electrical appliances, everything is electronic. With the development of emerging market and online shopping, the electronics industry is experiencing the tremendous growth, requirements for packaging are becoming more di...

  • What signal does the Changsha Thousand People Forum to be held in June 2020 give us?
    • June 03, 2020

    After the outbreak, the forums, procurement festivals, summits, press conferences of various printing and packaging industries that were originally held and vigorously held in hotels, conference centers, exhibition halls and other high-standard venues were either canceled or postponed, or turned into "Cloud Summit" ", "Live Broadcast". Although the form is novel, the shortcomings of online pr...

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