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Kraft Paper

  • 2018-11-30 18:10:24

Because of the popularization of restrictively using plastic material, more and more people choose paper box packaging to instead of plastic packaging. And the most important reason is compared with plastic, paper material is more eco-friendly. Then, what are the most common paper material for making packaging? Kraft paper definitely is the first one!

uncoated folding kraft paper boxes with handles

The peculiarity of anti-stretch makes kraft paper to be suitable for the requirements of many packaging products. It is widely used in carrier kraft paper bags, printed folding cartons, and high quality rigid boxes such as wine gift box, apparels packing box.

Printed white kraft paper bag with flat handles rigid kraft paper box for gift

As a common packaging material, kraft paper is stronger than normal paper material. The color of natural kraft paper is brown, and the semi-bleached or full bleached kraft paper could be light brown, cream, even white. Normally the kraft paper is uncoated, so the surface of it is slightly rough. But in fact, the rough surface make it looks more upscale, even if printed with some colors. Of course there is another kraft paper called coated kraft paper. The surface is much more glossy and smooth than uncoated kraft paper, print designs could be shown better on it. Both coated and uncoated kraft paper are popular in custom paper packaging products.

Silver hot foil natural kraft paper bag and envelope Black uncoated paper foldable boxes

The main shortage of natural kraft paper is its out of control color. The source origin of raw material, the production time, the production machines, the temperature, the humidity, etc., all of these will influence the original color of kraft paper. Please be careful if your clients are fastidious about the color. Normally we will not print many colors on natural kraft paper, since the brown background could not show the printing well. If a multicolored printing design is necessary on your packaging, we might advise you to use coated white kraft paper.

Extra large printed coated white kraft paper Coated kraft envelope

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