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Pre-Press (CTP & Digital)
Chief Color use CTP technology allowing the art work to be processed faster and make an accurate printing proof. What knowledge we have for pre-press:



Plate imaging

Color Management

Desktop Publishing

Press (CTP & Digital)

Equipped with the new technology and various machine size, enable Chief Color to cater fast demand printing for big or small quantity. What advantages we do in print color management:


Ink and material flow 

Chief Color complete finishing services offer various techniques that will furnish the creative Ideas production. What enhancement we use for finishing: 

(1) Folding 


(2) Binding

The use of thread, staples, wire, glue, or other agents to collect sections or signatures into books, brochures and pamphlets:

Perfect binding is the process of binding sheets of a document by roughing the edges at the spine and bonding them with glue to an external cover.

Saddle stitch: Binding a booklet or magazine with staples in the seam where it folds.

Side-stitching: A method of common binding where the folded signatures or pages are stitched along the side near the gutter margin. The pages will not lie flat.

Spiral binding: A book bound with wires in spiral form inserted through holes punched along the binding side.

Wire-O binding: A method of wire binding books along the binding edge that will allow the book to lay flat using double loops. See Wire O.

(3) Embossing

Embossing: Pressing an image out of the paper so that it will create a raised relief.

Debossing: To press an image into paper so it lies below the surface.


(4) Die Cut

The process of using sharp steel rules to cut special shapes for labels, boxes and containers, from printed sheets. Die cutting can be done on either flatbed or rotary presses. Rotary die cutting is usually done inline with the printing.
(5) Hot Stamping Printing method that releases foil from its backing when stamped with a heated plate or die.

 (6) Hard Cover A heavy printing paper used to cover books, make presentation folders, etc.


(7) Coating 
A plastic film bonded by heat and pressure to a printed sheet for protection or appearance.


Glossy Laminate

 Matt Laminate

Overprint varnishes are to enchance and protect the printed substrate.

Oil-Based Varnishes
Oil-Based varnished can compared to colorless offset printing inks. The main components are resins, drying oils, mineral oils and drying agents. The oil-based varnishes are transferred onto the paper by absorption and oxidation. Oil-based varnishes are used to:

increase printing ink brilliance (glossy varnishes)

achieve specific matte effects (matte varnishes and satin finish varnishes)

Water-based/Dispersion Varnishes.
Dispersion varnishes dry extremely quickly. The most significant advantages of these modern varnishes are:

odor free

rapid film formation (drying)

no yellowing

zero or only slight, powder spraying in the delivery on sheet-fed printing presses necessary

high processing speed

smooth surface

diutable & washable with water

UV Varnishes
UV Varnishes are varnishes cured under UV radiation.

Spot UV Varnishes
UV Varnish used to hilight a specific part of the printed sheet.

Spot UV with Glitter Effect
UV Varnish with with Glitter Effect used to hilight a specific part of the printed sheet.

(8) Sealing&Handles
3-ply twisted PP handles/ cotton rope/flat PP cord/printed satin ribbon

Bowknot handle/die-cut handle/glue handle/stand-up glued handle/paper twisted handle/flat paper handle